He began the study of a musical instrument at a young age and precisely the classical guitar. After about 5 years of study he performs some concerts in the vicinity of his native city, and at the same time he is also approaching another type of music. Folk and pop start playing other guitars such as folk and electric. In the high school period he founded a group with some friends from school and played in various clubs in the region and street parties in the summer.

With the passage of time, after completing the experience with the group, he began composing passages and enrolled at SIAE as an author. He also began to study the piano instrument that slowly brought him to compose and record more and more orchestrable instrumental pieces. creating melodies with an easy emotional impact that are perfectly adapted for the creation of video clips, documentary films, films or simply as relaxing music for listening in the living room.
Loris Bassi to compose often uses a Martin HD 35 folk guitar an Esteve 8 classical guitar and a Yamaha P-255 electric piano
He has published three singles and one EP.


Songs: Almost in all songs

Acoustic Battery: an almost miraculous instrument that gives emotions, atmospheres, sensations that are always new and always different without producing even a single note. Who knows what the music of the last century would be without the acoustic drums: surely something very different, without a doubt much poorer.

Folk Guitar

Songs: Wind in your hair

In music, strumming is a way of playing a stringed instrument such as a guitar. I often use this tool to create my own backing tracks and arrangements.


Songs: ....

The horn is the wind instrument with the widest register extension, it is possible, potentially, 5 full octaves. I like using it occasionally depending on the type of arrangement created.


Songs: Last dance, Under the rain with you, Eternal Friends

Traditionally, the importance of the string section lies (in addition to its extraordinary extension and dynamic variety) also in the possibility of playing several notes at the same time, something precluded to other instruments (think of the flute, for example). The violin is a great tool to make the melodic line like a human voice, or used together with Viola to Cello and the Contrabass make us an orchestral sound for wide-ranging arrangements.

Classic Guitar

Songs: Under the rain with you

The classical guitar with its woods, and with its nylon strings gives us a warm sound with a slightly muffled and sweet timbre and is mainly used for classical music, consequently it lends itself very well to some arrangements that I have devised.


Songs: Travelling souls

The harmonica is a wind instrument, invented according to some in 1821, by the German Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann and used in a particular way for genres such as blues music, folk music and rock music. Widespread especially in the U.S.A, also very used in country music performances, the harmonica is often associated with the myth of the American West.


Songs: Unlimited love, Eternal Friends, Happiness 

The piano is one of the few musical instruments that still keeps its charm and prestige unchanged over time. I think it is an essential musical instrument for my pieces, I use it both in the composition phase and to make my arrangements.


Songs: Aliquam velit est

The singing of the oboe The fascination of a sound that resembles a voice. We all know that it is the oboe is the instrument that gives the LA in the orchestra and that gives the pitch before a concert, but why? The probable answers are two: the first is that the oboes were once very difficult instruments to tune and so were the others to have to adapt, the second is that often in the orchestra replaced the violin or doubled the part.